Guides Discount

As a small Maine business, we firmly believe in supporting other small businesses such as Guides and Outfitters. 

If you are fishing guide, we may be able to offer you a discount on Northeast Troller gear for your guided fishing trips. 

1. Your discount applied through your account is the only discount allowed on your orders unless otherwise noted.  

2.  Your discount prices and the products purchased by using them are for your own personal use only, unless otherwise agreed upon for special situations beforehand.

3.  Your discount privileges are not to be made public to anyone.  Broadcasting this information results in non-qualified customers demanding the same discounts.  As with any discount program in the fishing industry, we request you keep your discount privileges private and enjoy the benefits of getting great gear at a generous discounted price.  If you'd like to refer your peers who would qualify for this discount, we encourage you to do so.

4. Your discount code must be applied at the time of ordering, I cannot apply your discount to orders that have already been placed. 

By submitting the application, you agree to the above. 


Please use our Contact Us page and include information about you and your guide business such as Instagram & Facebook information, Your Name and Email Address, etc.