Preserved Smelt (4-5") 8ct


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8 per package.
Premium bait, ideal for trolling or casting, excellent size for sewing. 

4-5" in length, hand sorted & measured to assure the perfect trolling bait.

Perfect for use with a Sliding Bait Rig , behind a Doger or LakeTroll

Can be stored for months in original unopened package, once open, excess bait may be frozen for later use.

Bait are "processed & preserved".

Our method maintains the near natural color, texture, full-body shape of a live fish.

This bait has incredible durability on the hook & shelf-life of months in the original unopened package stored @ 60F or less.  Freezer storage can be up to 2 years. This bait is freeze-thaw stable, able to go thru multiple cycles without turning mushy!