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Pro Staff

Anthony Feldpausch

Anthony loves nothing more than getting on the water before dawn and trolling lines for his favorite gamefish, the togue. He has caught numerous fish over ten pounds and has a YouTube channel that he posts video of his more successful trips. When not on the water, Anthony works as a high school history teacher and college track coach.

He lives in Rome, ME with his wife and son.


Michael Congelosi
The namesake of the "Mike's Special" color patern, Mike is a native of Downeast Maine and has spent his entire life learning about the area, habitat, and fish and game species found there.

 He is a professional, passionate, and knowledgeable guide (Hunt East Adventures)  dedicated to putting sportsman on game and fish, no matter the conditions . From the time Mike was a child he has spent every chance he had in the woods or on the water finding fish and game and simply enjoying nature. The outdoors became a true passion for him.

He especially enjoys trolling for Salmon, Togue and whitefish during the spring and summer testing new gear and techniques to pass onto his fishing clients.

Larry Darby

I am originally from West Virginia and now live in Central Maine. I am the owner of Hit List Archery and Tackle in Liberty. I am an avid outdoorsman whether its chasing spring gobblers, big bucks in the rut or trolling the waters of  Maine. 

As a kid I always loved catching trout in the streams with my dad. Since moving to Maine I continued to fish the streams and rivers, now spend almost all of my time trolling the lakes and ponds for Trout, Salmon and Pike. 

Over the past few years my primary target has been Brook Trout and Salmon. In 2016 I set a few personal records for Brook trout with a 4.6lb female and 5.8lb male. I also caught my personal best Salmon at 24" 6.9lbs along with many Salmon over 5lbs.




Reid Bond
Namesake of the "Reid Special" color pattern- Reid grew up fishing in Franklin County.

As a kid I always found trolling to be boring,  As a State Trooper I began to find a great benefit in the monotonous times associated trolling that are always so peacefully calm. As I have learned more about trolling for primarily lake trout and salmon in the Western Mountains of Maine those monotonous times have decreased and more fish have seemed to find there way into the boat.

My largest lake trout was caught in 2015 at 17.16lbs and took 40 minutes to fight. Getting the fish in the boat was a challenge in itself as I had forgotten my landing net that morning.

My enjoyment of being on the water and drive to hunt down the massive lake trout that few realize exist in Maine waters keep me coming back time and time again.

Chris Everett
Growing up on one of Maines many beautiful cold water ponds, I spend most of my years targeting Trout and Salmon .Since moving closer to the big city (Augusta) I have become a more diverse fisherman, targeting everything from crappie, to striped bass.


In the spring and fall you can find me fishing Western Maine streams, trolling my home lake, or hiking the river with my spinning rod. I spend most of my spring and fall targeting trout and salmon, but when the water gets warmer I can be found fishing in kayak bass tournaments throughout the state. Either way, I'm out there every week looking for that tug.


I capture most of these adventures on my YouTube channel and try to do a little "teaching" along with way. Catch me on my Instagram, too!


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